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As technology gets more high-tech these days, so do the tools that medical doctors use. Among these tools are the Stethoscopes. Now, Stethoscopes no longer look like the gadgets that usually dangle from the neck of doctors, nurses and other health providers but they are now very big and intimidating devices that can hear, record and playback sounds taken from inside the patient’s body.  Although this might sound as a stethoscope that you will often read and see on science fiction movies and films, they do exist now and are called electronic stethoscopes.

Due to technological advancements, classic stethoscopes now have gone a complete make over and have become digital already to become more powerful tools that doctors can use for their patients. In fact, electronic stethoscopes are so advanced that even the tiniest sounds produced from the lungs can be amplified. In fact, an electronic stethoscope is just like a hearing aid since it allows the doctors and medical providers to hear well.

On the other hand, this particular type of stethoscope is huge and is mostly bolted on the ground. Moreover, they are also connected to computers to maximize the capability of this type of stethoscope. In fact, this is the only stethoscope that has a lot of uses compared to the standard analog stethoscopes imaginable.

This type of stethoscope also has several features that are very convenient. For one, it has the ability to record sounds and edit it to nullify all other extraneous sounds for better prognosis. Moreover, the recorded sounds can be stored in the computer as a file and can be sent from one doctor to the other should the patient needs to seek out a doctor’s second opinion. And since this type of stethoscope is connected to the computer, it can also be connected to the internet making the recorded sounds very easy to disseminate to any specialists all over the world. In fact, it is important to take note that different brands of electronic stethoscope have different features to fit the needs and preferences of different medical practitioners.

An example of a good electronic stethoscope is the Littmann 3100 Electronic Stethoscope. This stethoscope is one of the most powerful electronic stethoscopes that  were ever created. It has a sound cancellation technology that can nullify the sound of loud hospital noises. Moreover, it also comes with a headphone to lessen the distractions while hearing the sounds. What is great about this tool is that it comes along with a powerful software that also allows the doctors to extrapolate the readings into a chart for daily heart rate monitoring. This is extremely important for patients who have heart-related diseases that need to be monitored accurately every day.

It is true, electronic stethoscopes are the most important inventions ever created in this modern world to help medical practitioners deliver their jobs accurately.  The thing about electronic stethoscopes is that using it is now becoming a trend not only to modern-day doctors but also to those traditional doctors who want to try innovative ideas to help them diagnose their patients well.

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