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These are some of the highly rated stethescopes so far. The Welch-Allyn Tycos DLX offers much more features than ordinary stethescopes. It produces good quality sound and yet at an affordable price. The sound quality of Welch Allyn stethescopes is also similar to the Littman stethescopes. The only difference between the two is the cost of purchase. These stethescopes have interchangeable ear pieces that are available in an array of stiffness level. Hence, you can choose the Stethoscope based on comfort level. The Welch-Allyn Harvey Elite has a diaphragm that is easily changed into a pediatric diaphragm. This respectable brand is known in auscultation products. It offers Harvey Elite with a range of colours such as black, burg, navy and forest green. The stethescopes have stainless steel chest piece and binaural for optimal weight and durability. They also have dual channel PVC tubing to separate the sound pathways on each ear.

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Harvey Elite Stethoscope, 25
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