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Littman is one of the trusted leaders in auscultation technology.  They are the leading supplier and manufacturer of some of the best Stethoscopes worldwide.  Littman Stethoscopes have superb quality and assure precision, acoustical superiority and innovative design.  They come in wide variety of features and designs.  So, below are some of the well known Littman stethoscopes in medical community.  These Littman stethoscopes are the finest medical equipment for professional use.

3M Littmann 3000 Electronic Stethoscope


This Littman stethoscope has ambient noise reduction technology for reducing the amount of noise in the room.  On average, the noise level that 3M Littman stethoscope can reduce is around 75%.  The noise reduction technology does not affect the sound of the body.  These Littman stethoscopes are uniquely designed to help in receiving difficult sound such as from heart, lung and other body sounds.  The list price of this stethoscope is around $349.99.  However if the Littman stethoscope is purchased in an online retail store, the price would go as low as $269.99. 

The ambient noise reduction technology of Littman stethoscopes can also greatly enhance the overall utility of the equipment.  The technical process involved in noise reduction is significantly different from electronic filtering that may only filter out a couple of portion of the body sounds.

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