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In the medical institution, choosing the right Stethoscope is crucial.  The body structure of an adult human being differs significantly from that of a 5 years old child or younger.  With this concept in mind, it implies that pediatric stethoscope is not similar to the typical stethoscope you’ve seen in your doctor’s office while consultation, in terms of acoustic process.  Pediatric Stethoscopes are by far known for measuring the body sound of a child, including respiratory, cardiac, and circulatory sound.  The following are pediatric stethoscopes that have good performance in filtering the sound to produce quality body sound.        

3M Littman Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope


Today, one of the leading suppliers of stethoscopes is 3M Company.  The Littman Classic II Stethoscope by 3M comes in two models: the pediatric stethoscope and the infant stethoscope.  Both stethoscope models are two sided with traditional bell and floating diaphragm.  These stethoscopes are designed in wide range of size and acoustically precise that is ideal for checking the health condition of a child and an infant.  The difference between the two is that the Littman Classic II pediatric stethoscope has 1 inch traditional bell while the Littman Classic II pediatric stethoscope has only ¾ inch bell.      

The 3M Littman Classic II is incorporated with solid stainless steel chest piece for greater acoustic sensitivity.  They have excellent acoustic seal and patented 3M Littman snap tight soft sealing ear tips for comfortable fit.  Additionally, the Littman Classic II has single lumen tubing and anatomically correct headset for comfortable feel.  The suggested price of the pediatric stethoscope is around $111.95.   

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