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Are you planning on taking med next year?  If yes, here is a list of stethescopes for you to choose from.  Generally, stethescopes are specifically designed to measure the body sound of a patient, whether it is cardiovascular, respiratory or cardiac sound.  They come in an array of designs, acoustic performance and quality.  As of now, the stethescopes below are some of the best in their field. 

3M Littman Stethoscopes


These are considered some of the best selling stethescopes all over the world, including US and Canada.  One of 3M Littman Company products is the Littman Master Cardiology Stethoscope.  Usually, this model is sold in retail stores for $259.00.  However, the price can be lowered if you purchase in the right suppliers, especially online retailers.  The Littman Master Cardiology is the ultimate acoustical stethescope that has tunable diaphragm for both low and high frequency sounds.  It has non-chill rim and soft-sealing ear tips.     

The Littman Electronic 3000 with Ambient Noise Reduction Technology is the newest product of Littman stethescopes line.  This is a valued priced Littman stethoscope with high quality sound and background noise cancellation technology.  It has amplification up to 18 times better than non-electronic stethescopes for clear and quality sound.  

Philips Rappaport-Sprague Stethoscopes


Theses stethescopes are much love by many.  Unfortunately, the whole piece is no longer being manufactured and only the Philip parts are supplied as of today.  This implies that you can customize your stethoscope to produce the same results with Philips Rappaport-Sprague.  The parts available are tubes, binaural springs, chest pieces and eartips.  The Philips Rappaport Sprague is one of the top stethescopes choices in the medical field.  It is designed with optimum quality acoustic technology.  Every Philips stethoscope has a pair of large soft ear tips, a large adult diaphragm and large mounted bell.     

The Philips Rappaport-Sprague has five interchangeable chest pieces and two diaphragms for sensing high pitched sounds.  It also has three different bells for low and medium pitched sounds.  Unlike any other stethescopes, the Philips stethescopes have chest pieces that offer comfortable fit.  The chest pieces are also removable.  

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