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Stethoscope reviews are made to help customers select the best Stethoscopes for their needs.  Since there is an increase in the number of stethoscope reviews, finding the right stethoscope is now much more convenient.  However, typically stethoscope reviews differ from each other, especially on customers’ stethoscope reviews.  One customer may like the product while others will disagree with this person’s opinion.  So, here are stethoscopes that get the most and good customer’s stethoscope reviews.

3M Littman Stethoscopes

As you know, Dr. Littman greatly improved the stethoscopes in 1963.  He integrated two chest pieces in his stethoscopes so that the equipment can hear both low pitch sounds and high pitched sounds.  As of now, the Littman stethoscopes are highly praised in stethoscope reviews for its uniquely designed features and innovative technology.  There are many Littman stethoscopes in the market right now.  The most innovative Littman stethoscopes according to most stethoscope reviews are the ones with tunable diaphragm.

Littman stethoscopes have both diaphragm and bell on every chest piece.  The diaphragm is for high frequency sound while the bell is for low frequency sound.  These products are highly used by cardiologists and get the best stethoscope reviews from the medical society.  The Littman stethoscope products also provide optimal accuracy and sound amplification.  Stethoscope reviews from general practitioners agree that Littman stethoscopes come in handy during physical exams.

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